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Karina Rando, MD
Karina Rando, M.D.

Assistant Professor
Bi-institutional Unit of Liver Transplant, Military Hospital

Dr. Karina Rando was born in Uruguay in 1970, graduated as Medical Doctor in the State University in 1997 and finished Anesthesia Residency in Clinicas Hospital of Montevideo in  2003. Academic career started in 1994 as Assistant Professor in the Pathophysiology Department at the University Hospital and continued with the post of Assistant Professor of Anesthesia in the Anesthesia Cathedra of the same Hospital. In 2004 she joined the Complex Liver Diseases Service at the Military Hospital and in 2005 was selected as Anesthesiologist of the Bi-institutional Unit of Liver Transplant. In 2007, she organized the first National Liver and Pancreas Transplant Meeting with UCSF and Adenbrook´s Hospitals staff collaboration. In 2007, she won the first International Travel Scholar Award - ILTS (International Liver Transplant Society) with the project "Evidence-based model for cost-effective provision of anesthesia care in resource-limited health economies."  After 3 years of training in Europe and United States (12 de Octubre and Marañón in Madrid, UCSF, UCLA, Clinic of Barcelona and Adenbrooks Hospital in Cambridge) she was recognized as the responsible of Anesthesia in the Uruguayan´s National Liver Transplant Program that will start operating at the beginning of 2009.